28 Nov 2011


The only thing I love about my worgen rogue: she looks great when howling at the moon in SW. :)
Today I didn't do anything so special. Just dailies, then some arena and levelling my rogue. I regret for making worgen rogue. Nelf or human would have been so much better. One extra sprint wasn't one of my brightest ideas.
I did arena with spriest teamed with fire mage, which was suprisingly good combo. Or maybe they just got too confused which one to kill first? I think 8 wins and 4 losses ain't that bad! Especially after having conversation with a friend today who said that mages die in 5sec if their partner goes to heal himself. Really? Since I think my partner mage lasted a lot longer alone if needed.
Another arena combo we tried was sub rogue and feral druid, which didn't go that well. Maybe we just got unlucky with the enemy teams. Since all of them seemed to have wow gods on their side. It's lovely to hit a rogue and see that everything you do just misses, dodges or resists. :P maybe it just wasn't that team's day. so 8-8 :<
Haven't yet tried to do arena seriously. Can't seem to find good combo or character that I want to do arena with seriously. I like my spriests, but seems to miss something. I don't like my feral druid that much to do with it. But I already have a partner I could do it with and he is healer so I can't really use my holy pala or resto shammy, which I love to play with. Maybe I'll need to lvl up my alts and use one of those?
Today was boring day so not much to say about. I can go on and rant about 85 lvl arena but is that so interesting?
A little complain to add: Can we please get rid of the level caps in professions? It's really annoying that I have to lvl up my rogue fast just to get rid of the constant gem mailing back and forth! I'm fine with caps like getting 400 skill at 65. It's ok to keep the expansion limitations such as you got no cata, only wotlk, then you can make only wotlk gems. But the problem is that I have gotten all my crafting skills way too fast up and then I'm stuck for 10 lvls. And the gathering profession take ages to skill up(I really hate mining at the moment, someone always has taken all the ores from the area when arrive there). And after you spend ages to get your gathering skill up you get *drum roll* a 10 stamina increase! Yep it sure makes a big difference in my 450+ stamina :)

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