24 Nov 2011


I love sea gull's company in sw^^
Nothing can be more fun than doing arena earlier, at 70 lvl. Unfortunately not!
Yesterday I dinged my enha shaman 70 and my holy paladin friend asked before if we could try some arena. Not bad idea! With healer I should be fine! Wrong....
Since Blizzard hasn't balanced classes under 85, the arena idea wasn't so great.
Nearly every match we did, our enemy was always frost mage. I'm not saying they are unbeatable. But their Ice Barrier is pretty good! When 13k hp mage's ice barrier absorbs 8k dmg, I think it's far from being fair. Not to forget that mages in 65-69 bg bracket hit with their ice lance 2k while their pet hits 1k. Players in 65-69 have 10k hp, so mages are pretty good in that bracket. And so is prot pala. (yeah I complained a lot about mages, but it was mostly mages with few rogues and hunters. But there wasn't anything mentionable about them. Rogues didn't do much dmg and hunter were well hunters? Nothing mindblowing about them.
But back to arena. As enha shaman hits only 200-700, all matches took ages to win and my healer had to do dmg too. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?^^
As a conclusion: we did 11 matches 7 wins/4 losses. I wonder if this is going to be my 2,2k rating team. Haha dream on, Misty!
Nah I still think it's because it's so unbalanced. Arena at 70 is fun to try out, but I can't imagine playing it for more than few times. I prefer the 85 arena, where it's mostly more about skill and not someone icelanceing you down.
So blizz should really make some balance in low lvl pvp. I know they want us to get high lvls fast but make our lvling fun! :) Or else many will ragequit and they won't even try lvling their alts.

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