29 Nov 2011

Bye bye 4.2

As today we gonna get ourselves new treats in patch 4.3, I would like to go back to 4.2 for a moment and go throught it "shortly"(when I usually say so, it's still going to be a long post).
In 4.2:
  • Molten Front. We got ourselves a new daily area, which was a good thing for many reasons. It allowed us to gear up fast if you did mount hyjal quests when you levelled(I don't usually quest so that turned out to be pain in the ass for me. pff questing at 85!) as you can buy few good starting gear from Molten Front vendors. Luckily the Molten Front quests are fast to do! Neat rewards from MF: 3 pets, mount from achievement, gear and some rp stuff like mushroom chair.
  • Chain quest "The call of the World-Shaman" took for me ages to do as I hated the elemental killing part but it rewarded you with good back piece if you just reached 85.
  • Firelands raid. I haven't done it properly. For some reason I always ended up into wipe fest bunch. Our realm is unfortunately too stuck with guild runs. If you find a pug, it will have some really bad players in it... Last time I did it, we had a tank in hc gear! So I stayed in the group only for 2 wipes. Sigh never thought they'll allow blue geared to join FL run! But the raid itself would have been interesting and you can get mounts from there too!
  • New Legendary. I personally didn't care much about it making you to look like dragon. But I would have wanted it for guild achi and new pet!
  • Dungeon Journal. I liked the idea but I think it didn't work out well. It wasn't that noobfriendly as I would have made it. It was great that you could check the loots and enemies abilities. If someone was first time doing some dungeon, I said that they should check it from Dungeon Journal to know what to do there and what to avoid doing but many had difficulties with understanding it.
  • CC's not causing creatures to attack you! This has helped me a lot when gathering mats for professions. I really appreacite that druid's roots can be used like sap!
  • New boss in BH was quite interesting and good addition.
  • War Games! This was exciting news for our guild and we did do arena like that and thought about challenging other guilds to war games!
  • Equipment manager. A player with all characters having 4 differents sets, I really did appreciate this a lot!

***Also we got a new guildie yesterday and he is on trial atm as we are really picky with members!! We did a dungeon run and talked a lot with him and we might kick him soon.(if he missbehaves) :P We got 3 members including me deciding about everything in the guild and if one of us doesn't like something we take that into consideration seriously!***

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