6 Dec 2011

Tactician in our guild! + random guild whinings

As I mentioned in one of my texts about my tactician friend, she accepted now my invitation to our guild! :)
Our guild is very happy to have her with us! As we want only members that are nice people, all douchebags will be kicked! We want to keep the friendly, caring and loving enviroment in our guild. That's why we don't have recruitment on. We just invite the ones we enjoyed playing with.
Tactician had been in well-known guilds and of course those guilds have a lot of members and certain reputation linked to them. So it's hard to leave something you are used to. Our guild is not that well-known, thought we got already enemies on alliance side and friends on horde side(quite odd) despite the fact that we are quite new guild(created in Cata). So I never thought she would have joined. We have been playing with her a lot since we met her and she has told us that she enjoys our company and likes us, but our guild name was big turn off for her.
In my opinion, I can carry any stupid guild name with pride aslong as I'm happy with my guild! Why should the name describe us? For all I care, we can name our guild Shitty Bastards, but we don't have to behave like our name says. For example guilds that are called: slayers, killers etc barely ever leave the town and usually get their asses kicked, atleast in our realm. Or how about guild called Friendship? The current leader of it was a good friend with the real leader, who just happened to think that giving the guild's leader rank to his good friend while he is away is good idea. You can trust your friend that much. Can't you? Well seems like no. Leader returned but never got his guild back. That just proves that name can be anything but the members and their attitude towards others in it, in my opinion are far more important. And I must say that I raise my hat to and respect one of our realms big guild's leader, who kicked out his 85 raiders despite them being good raiders, only because their attitude towards other players was rude. That sure required having some balls! No matter if those raiders got angry with him, he knew he made the right choice and that's a leader I would look up to!
Our realm has this huge guild, but does the amount of members always tell how good the guild is? I think not. Sure they got many different players in it, but when guild has few jerks in it they can ruin the guilds enviroment/reputation. Honestly whenever I mention to someone to join that guild when they are looking for 25 lvl guild for mounts/pets, they always reply: hell no!!!! That tells a lot about how the reputation of the guild has been ruined. Maybe the guild would have been a good one if the leader wouldn't care so much about the amount of members. I rather think this way: Quality over quantity.
I have been in many guilds and one of them had really good reputation. When I joined that guild, I wasn't pleased. Guild had their members separated into We-don't-care-who-these-are and leader & mindless-followers. Is that good enviroment to play in? I tried being nice to them and see if things might change, but no. I should have been mindless-follower aswell. No thanks then! So I left it. They never took us We-don't-care-who-these-are to any of their events nor listened to us. That's why we made our own.
I'm glad tactician finally decided to join us! We all are! :) Welcome Shadow!<3

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