12 Dec 2011

Mountain O Mounts!

I just recently got the 100 mount achievement. I would have gotten 1 day earlier but it was 3 dailies away and I had done all....
To be honest I didn't think I could get it since my luck with all drops is really really bad. 97 times done Magister Terrace HC runs and still no chicken.. 5 friends of mine got them in less than 20 runs and 2 under 30 runs... So I wonder when I'm going to get mine? And archeology, that's something I hate more than anything! Yesterday reached 515 skill and all the rares I have gotten atm are only good for rp and I don't do rp. As a companion and mount collector I would have wished for even one of those. But no, I get amber, mirror, dress, naaru thingy, drums and wind chime. Yey! That's all I ever wanted.... not!
But I still got to 100 mounts by just buying all vendor, rep, honor and daily quest mounts. I does take a lot of time but luckily for me you can still get it even with bad drop luck! ^^ So everyone who has struggled with bad luck, no worries. You can it other way too!:)

Reward for 100 mounts is Blue Dragonhawk, which is really awesome looking on ally char! Definately worth the trouble. It's one really beautiful mount and it's FLYING! <I don't like that we get new ground mounts since I barely ever use those>

11 Dec 2011

We are growing slowly!!!

Guilds been growing again and we got major increase.... a total of 1 new member. But hey, like I mentioned before we are a small guild, very small. :) Total of 39 members(minus my and 2 other guild leaders alts)! Unfortunately us 3 leaders are altoholics. I got 10, V got 9 and A got 4. :) We also got our old guildie back, but he ain't active so that's not worth mentioning. He prefers his "fuller" realm. Pfft traitor!
Our realm has way better teamspirit. Everyone knows the active players of the realm despite the side or even if they haven't ever done anything with them. We are like a little village, where everyone knows each other. And I like that. Sure there are players to hate but many to love aswell. And who would have guessed that we had same enemy on alliance side with some horde guild! Now our guilds help each others because our common enemy seems more harmful than the fact that we are allys and they are horde! I honestly I don't mind it.
That's how we got a new member. Someone from their guild wanted to join us too and I respect him in many things. He has been trying his best to keep this realm alive and that is something that means a lot to me too! It's been pleasant but definately a huge suprise!! I'm glad we got Dare to join us! Welcome to our little sweet guild!<3

8 Dec 2011

Slowly levelling!

I guess my levelling style is quite weird. Sometimes I only level up one character at the same, sometimes many at the same time. Sometimes I level a lot in a little time, sometimes I level a little bit in a long time. I don't always feel like levelling despite loving all my characters. But I have made now progress. I added some pics of my hunter to cheer this post a bit up, thought it was rainy day in Elwynn Forest. :)

65->68 DK. I have been tanking always few lvls then doing bg's few lvls. So now that I reached 68, I can start doing bg's again. :) DK tanking is still smash-random-buttons. I actually tried using just random abilities when tanking The Escape From Durnholde and my random group thought that I'm the best tank they have ever seen! :D Overally I don't smash random buttons. I try to tank like DK tanks should and at the moment it isn't causing me any trouble. Yet. But then again I was good tank with my pala in low lvls and I still am. Same goes with the bear tanking.
77->78 Mage. Nothing is more fun than buying cata gear and doing bg's with it just to annoy other ppl. It's not that I like that gear for being OP. Annoying other ppl who want to be OP is something I love! They gear up their characters with cata gear just to once beat other players. But if you can't play your character, then is buying OP gear making you any better player? Does it improve your skills? No. And that's why it makes me happy to win OP geared with skills and make him understand that he needs to learn to play first.
That eyepatch seems to be buggy. :(
I love our guild tabard!<3

41->46 Hunter. I changed my markmanship for BM so I can train our fellow guildie. As much I have been now trying to learn to play with it, it doesn't feel like my type of hunter. I prefer survival. BM has many good things but I don't feel like I'm doing that much dmg with it. My pet does all the dmg and I'm just supporting Steven. Since it's mostly spamming Kill Command and Arcane shot(to get Cobra Strikes). But I'll keep on trying to play as BM incase I just been playing wrong with it. Thought I just been following my talents. :P
Great buddies enjoying the view. Thanks Steven for always helping me!

7 Dec 2011

Patch 4.3

There's many things that have changed in the wow, when patch 4.3 began. But I would prefer making own topic for big changes like transmogrification, looking for raid(LFR) & Darkmoon Faire island. Basically changes will be mentioned here but new things having their own topic.

  •  Bag search. It works with bank, guild bank, void storage and bags. I like this as it really helps when you have bags full of different stuff. Unfortunately addon called Altoholic is still having better search, which I rather use. Altholic checks all your characters bags, bank, mails and guild bank. But if you play only with one character or just few then you don't need the addon.
  • Inactive Guild Leader Replacement. Oh boy do I have a lot to complain about this!? I don't like the idea of anyone with a high ranking can apply for it. I think leader should be able to choose Assistant Leader who then will be replace guild leader. Of course you can do it now too, by just giving someone second highest ranking. But many big guilds have more than few second rank members(main raiders, raid leaders, noobhelper etc.). But assistant leader could be someone the leader really trusts. I would as a leader fear the most that my guild would end up to someone who might be active and doing a lot for the guild but not trustworthy. Also I think when guild leader returns he should get his leader rank back. I think you don't have to leaders rank to take care of the guild for awhile. Of course if the leader is away for a long time. But 30 days! Maybe leader has been busy with irl? Maybe some accident occured? That's why I would prefer having assistant leader who could take of the guild till leader comes back. If leader is away for 6 months, then I think guild leader should really be replaced. Otherwise I don't like this at all. I have always been myself in guilds, where we had 1 leader and 1-4 assistant leaders. Even in guilds with 100+ members! I have myself been assistant leader. When real leader decided to suddenly play on other realm without giving anyone the leader rank, I just took over the guild with making events, taking care of recruitment and members etc. That was some good temporary leading as nobody even noticed that we didn't have our leader for 3 months!
  • Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman completing fastened up. Sure every player wants their valor runs to be fast but I don't like the idea of fastening up. I hate when players join dungeon and they start spamming: FAAST!! FAST! I gotta go soon! PULL MORE!! Dude, if you are in such a hurry, then don't queue! I pull when I feel like and I pull as many as I want. I'm the tank and I'm setting the pace here.. Bad pulls result wipes and I don't want any wipes.. Also I don't wanna cause to any healer any extra trouble just because some douche wants a fast run. As a healer I also don't want any tank to pull more than he can handle. Especially most amusing part about those lets-do-it-fast players is that they are usually dps! In my opinion dps should shut up. They chose a role that doesn't make whole group depending on their skills. If healer is crappy, it's a wipe. Tank is shitty, it's a wipe. Bad dps, not a wipe if good tank or healer. And it's always easy to find replacement for dps, but for tank or healer you gotta wait longer time and it's rare to get a good one. I want everyone to do dungeons the way they were made to be. Or else it is just a waste of hardwork to create it all. We could always have only one dungeon with one boss with same abilities to get fast valors. Will the Valor gear lose it's worth then? Yes, but atleast we get it all fast! This constant fastening up has brought us players that want to do everything in less than 15mins...
  • Dungeon Finder won't get you locked! Finally they made this! It's annoying when you get locked in some dungeon when using Finder for random heroic and then later you need to do it again for guild run in that specific dungeon!

There were many more but those were just good or smth that doesn't bother me that much so no use of mentioning those.

6 Dec 2011

Tactician in our guild! + random guild whinings

As I mentioned in one of my texts about my tactician friend, she accepted now my invitation to our guild! :)
Our guild is very happy to have her with us! As we want only members that are nice people, all douchebags will be kicked! We want to keep the friendly, caring and loving enviroment in our guild. That's why we don't have recruitment on. We just invite the ones we enjoyed playing with.
Tactician had been in well-known guilds and of course those guilds have a lot of members and certain reputation linked to them. So it's hard to leave something you are used to. Our guild is not that well-known, thought we got already enemies on alliance side and friends on horde side(quite odd) despite the fact that we are quite new guild(created in Cata). So I never thought she would have joined. We have been playing with her a lot since we met her and she has told us that she enjoys our company and likes us, but our guild name was big turn off for her.
In my opinion, I can carry any stupid guild name with pride aslong as I'm happy with my guild! Why should the name describe us? For all I care, we can name our guild Shitty Bastards, but we don't have to behave like our name says. For example guilds that are called: slayers, killers etc barely ever leave the town and usually get their asses kicked, atleast in our realm. Or how about guild called Friendship? The current leader of it was a good friend with the real leader, who just happened to think that giving the guild's leader rank to his good friend while he is away is good idea. You can trust your friend that much. Can't you? Well seems like no. Leader returned but never got his guild back. That just proves that name can be anything but the members and their attitude towards others in it, in my opinion are far more important. And I must say that I raise my hat to and respect one of our realms big guild's leader, who kicked out his 85 raiders despite them being good raiders, only because their attitude towards other players was rude. That sure required having some balls! No matter if those raiders got angry with him, he knew he made the right choice and that's a leader I would look up to!
Our realm has this huge guild, but does the amount of members always tell how good the guild is? I think not. Sure they got many different players in it, but when guild has few jerks in it they can ruin the guilds enviroment/reputation. Honestly whenever I mention to someone to join that guild when they are looking for 25 lvl guild for mounts/pets, they always reply: hell no!!!! That tells a lot about how the reputation of the guild has been ruined. Maybe the guild would have been a good one if the leader wouldn't care so much about the amount of members. I rather think this way: Quality over quantity.
I have been in many guilds and one of them had really good reputation. When I joined that guild, I wasn't pleased. Guild had their members separated into We-don't-care-who-these-are and leader & mindless-followers. Is that good enviroment to play in? I tried being nice to them and see if things might change, but no. I should have been mindless-follower aswell. No thanks then! So I left it. They never took us We-don't-care-who-these-are to any of their events nor listened to us. That's why we made our own.
I'm glad tactician finally decided to join us! We all are! :) Welcome Shadow!<3

4 Dec 2011

Am I unlucky or what!!!?

Feels like fishing ain't a good profession for me. I'm really unlucky when comes to fishing. And I mean REALLY unlucky...
I have tried getting Giant Sewer Rat in wotlk and cata and no luck...
I mention about it to my guildie who goes off there and tries to get it. Originally he joined just to be there for company. Fishing alone is always boring. Well I decided to give up and logged out and the very moment I logged out he got it. Also my other friend had the pet too from wotlk and he got it with few casts. And he doesn't even collect pets!
Ok well how about then Sea turtle, I bet I should already I have it. I had fishing maxed in wotlk and I did fishing dailies every day and in cata I got our guild the food achi alone by mostly fixing all the mats. And had 525 for awhile already. Well tough luck fellow guildie went with his fishing skill 300 to uldum and within 30mins he got the turtle. And he just started not long time ago fishing... Which means overally he hasn't been fishing as much as I have. I still need the turtle!
Well as we all know, new Darkmoon Faire started yesterday. So of course everyone is there fishing for Sea Pony. Tried to annoy fellow guildie who heals dungeon only to get the exotic satchel(incase mount drops, minium effort for mount is always welcomed for some ppl...) that even fishing gets you more flasks, potions etc than doing dungeons for the bag so of course he went off to try his luck. In little bit he got achi for 25 fishes and then 50 fishes and then the god damn cursed pet that I couldn't get! I was fishing there already long before telling him about that. Aaaaaaaaand now other guildie got it. Yeah the same guy with the turtle luck... I really do start to hate fishing...

It just seems that I should avoid fishing regardless of the rewards. Even if the reward would have 100% chance, I bet I can't still get it... So Darkmoon Faire after half a year, here I come. I'll be still there fishing when Darkmoon Faire becomes empty place, where nobody goes to anymore...

1 Dec 2011

New Darkmoon Faire pets & mounts

As we get in patch 4.3 new Darkmoon Faire, I only thought it will be just new area to explore. But new pets! It drove me nuts! First of all I wanted to get 150 pets achi with just wow gold or farming(no cards, no blizzard store) and now this makes it easier achi to get for everyone. But the new pets sure do look good and interesting.
I can't wait till it's sunday(which is tomorrow) and we get to explore new Darkmoon Faires isle! I'll be adding pictures of them all once I have obtained them. :)
But one thing I hate most is everything is obtainable through dailies! Every patch we get adds us new dailies. And I'm not done yet with Molten Front or Tol Barad Peninsula! I know there's other options of getting Darkmoon tickets such as profession turn-ins and artifacts. But third option is again dailies and I really hate doing dailies. I really wish these dailies are fun and fast. Only dailies I ever liked doing was in Isle of Queldana's.


Sea Pony is obtained by fishing in Darkmoon Faire isle. It's a seahorse in a bubble. Drop chance is 1 out of 1000.

Darkmoon Balloon is purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. It's a lot like horde or alliance balloon. Just having the faction logo on a balloon.

Darkmoon Cub is purchased also with 90 Darkmoon tickets. It reminds me of Barrens lions. It looks the same as the all other cub's just that this one is has same color as lions.

Darkmoon Monkey is purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. This pet is unique looking and reminds me of those monkey's that beg for money. I have seen someone a monkey like that and I even a picture of me with it :D Definately wanting this monkey!

Darkmoon Tonk is purchased also with 90 Darkmoon tickets. Didn't we have tonks to play with in old Darkmoon Faire? Atleast I remember something like that and now we can get our tonks to follow us!

Darkmoon Turtle is again purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. Looks like Speedy to me! :)

Darkmoon Zeppelin is purchased with (you guessed it) 90 Darkmoon tickets. I really loved the throwing zeppelins. Oh those good days in Dalaran throwing zeppelins at mounting friend and the Dalaran streets were filled zeppelins! And the noise they made! It was like wwrrrrrrrwrwrwrrrrrr. Just pure love! This Zeppelin will definately end up in my collection for reminding me the Dalaran days!


Darkmoon Dancing Bear is purchased with 180 Darkmoon tickets. I'm just wondering why it's called dancing bear? Does it dance when idle?

Swift Forest Strider is purchased with 180 Darkmoon tickets. I like the look of this mount! :)

** If you want to know how to get Darkmoon tickets, I found this page --> wowpetaddiction's blog **

29 Nov 2011

Bye bye 4.2

As today we gonna get ourselves new treats in patch 4.3, I would like to go back to 4.2 for a moment and go throught it "shortly"(when I usually say so, it's still going to be a long post).
In 4.2:
  • Molten Front. We got ourselves a new daily area, which was a good thing for many reasons. It allowed us to gear up fast if you did mount hyjal quests when you levelled(I don't usually quest so that turned out to be pain in the ass for me. pff questing at 85!) as you can buy few good starting gear from Molten Front vendors. Luckily the Molten Front quests are fast to do! Neat rewards from MF: 3 pets, mount from achievement, gear and some rp stuff like mushroom chair.
  • Chain quest "The call of the World-Shaman" took for me ages to do as I hated the elemental killing part but it rewarded you with good back piece if you just reached 85.
  • Firelands raid. I haven't done it properly. For some reason I always ended up into wipe fest bunch. Our realm is unfortunately too stuck with guild runs. If you find a pug, it will have some really bad players in it... Last time I did it, we had a tank in hc gear! So I stayed in the group only for 2 wipes. Sigh never thought they'll allow blue geared to join FL run! But the raid itself would have been interesting and you can get mounts from there too!
  • New Legendary. I personally didn't care much about it making you to look like dragon. But I would have wanted it for guild achi and new pet!
  • Dungeon Journal. I liked the idea but I think it didn't work out well. It wasn't that noobfriendly as I would have made it. It was great that you could check the loots and enemies abilities. If someone was first time doing some dungeon, I said that they should check it from Dungeon Journal to know what to do there and what to avoid doing but many had difficulties with understanding it.
  • CC's not causing creatures to attack you! This has helped me a lot when gathering mats for professions. I really appreacite that druid's roots can be used like sap!
  • New boss in BH was quite interesting and good addition.
  • War Games! This was exciting news for our guild and we did do arena like that and thought about challenging other guilds to war games!
  • Equipment manager. A player with all characters having 4 differents sets, I really did appreciate this a lot!

***Also we got a new guildie yesterday and he is on trial atm as we are really picky with members!! We did a dungeon run and talked a lot with him and we might kick him soon.(if he missbehaves) :P We got 3 members including me deciding about everything in the guild and if one of us doesn't like something we take that into consideration seriously!***

28 Nov 2011


The only thing I love about my worgen rogue: she looks great when howling at the moon in SW. :)
Today I didn't do anything so special. Just dailies, then some arena and levelling my rogue. I regret for making worgen rogue. Nelf or human would have been so much better. One extra sprint wasn't one of my brightest ideas.
I did arena with spriest teamed with fire mage, which was suprisingly good combo. Or maybe they just got too confused which one to kill first? I think 8 wins and 4 losses ain't that bad! Especially after having conversation with a friend today who said that mages die in 5sec if their partner goes to heal himself. Really? Since I think my partner mage lasted a lot longer alone if needed.
Another arena combo we tried was sub rogue and feral druid, which didn't go that well. Maybe we just got unlucky with the enemy teams. Since all of them seemed to have wow gods on their side. It's lovely to hit a rogue and see that everything you do just misses, dodges or resists. :P maybe it just wasn't that team's day. so 8-8 :<
Haven't yet tried to do arena seriously. Can't seem to find good combo or character that I want to do arena with seriously. I like my spriests, but seems to miss something. I don't like my feral druid that much to do with it. But I already have a partner I could do it with and he is healer so I can't really use my holy pala or resto shammy, which I love to play with. Maybe I'll need to lvl up my alts and use one of those?
Today was boring day so not much to say about. I can go on and rant about 85 lvl arena but is that so interesting?
A little complain to add: Can we please get rid of the level caps in professions? It's really annoying that I have to lvl up my rogue fast just to get rid of the constant gem mailing back and forth! I'm fine with caps like getting 400 skill at 65. It's ok to keep the expansion limitations such as you got no cata, only wotlk, then you can make only wotlk gems. But the problem is that I have gotten all my crafting skills way too fast up and then I'm stuck for 10 lvls. And the gathering profession take ages to skill up(I really hate mining at the moment, someone always has taken all the ores from the area when arrive there). And after you spend ages to get your gathering skill up you get *drum roll* a 10 stamina increase! Yep it sure makes a big difference in my 450+ stamina :)

27 Nov 2011

Damn Mojo and a chirping box!

I have tried getting Mojo for quite awhile already but he never seemed to want to become mine. Yesterday I prepared myself for Mojo hunt again and bought 30-40 sticks. I prepared myself mentally to return from ZA without Mojo.
But he came on first stick!! I think I got pretty lucky with this guy this time! And he is my 130th pet!!^^ I bet my guildie enjoyed getting 30+ sticks from me. :D
Don't forget to kiss your Mojo!

And today I finally got the achievement called: Beware of the "Unbeatable?" Pterodactyl so now I got also 1 more pet. :) Never noticed before that got jouster on their head?
Gold mini jouster
Blue mini jouster

26 Nov 2011

Some are just better than anyone else!

Get ready for post full of screenshots(which are btw bigger if you click on them) and text!
I think all of us have noticed that when you join the bg in the chat you can usually see ppl saying things like: alliance always sucks (alliance side), horde never wins (horde side) etc. But is the grass really greener on the other side?
I thought I'll share my today's bg's chats and overall experience from alliance side and thankfully I found generous undead to tell me about the horde side. Today's screenshots aren't rare at all. It's just something you come across everyday if you do bg's.
Usually bg's consists of 1 mr.Obvious, 1 whiner, 1 I'm-better-than-you-all, 1 tactician(it can also be one of those earlier mentioned), few afker and 1 total idiot. Someone of those is always a jerk and then the rest is bunch of nobodies, which are the most pleasant to play with. Unfortunately if we have all these heroes in one group, the winning chance just drops to really low because they are too much paying attention on keeping their role than playing the bg well enough to win.
Mr.Obvious always obvious things such as:
We got 1 base(50/1600) and enemy got 4 base(1000/1600). Mr.Obvious says: We're gonna lose!!
In AV Mr.Obvious says: Get towers or the enemy will win!
is the one who says in the beginning that we are going to lose even before the gates have opened. He has no trust in his team. Even if you had in AB 4 bases over half of the time and the score says that we sure are going to win, whiner is complaining in bg chat that our team just sucks and there's no way we can win anything ever.
Some of them actually call their chars with names like: IOwnz, MeKills, ThePwner, Loludead etc. Usually those names just tell me one thing: they're the exact opposite! It seems to me that those are the ones who just smash buttons and when they die, they blame everyone else. Also they enjoy telling in bg chat how everyone else fails at the bg, that's why they enjoy the tactian the role too. Since obviously they know so well what to do.
I saw this one holy paladin yesterday who I especially want to mention when talking about this type of players. I took the flag in Twin Peaks with my warrior(139k hp unbuffed, 3,5k resi), but then this Epic Superhero Paladin came with his epical 125k hp buffed and full pve gear and told me this: F*king retard warrior drop the flag, you noob! For the sh*t and giggles, I thought I'll let him have it, just to see how far he can get with it. Well it took only few secs till he died and of course I couldn't just be quiet about it so I said to him in bg chat: You sure did great job with the flag. And as assumed it really pissed him off. So for the rest of the bg he kept saying in bg chat how easily he could own us all and that we all are noobs! :)
Tactians are always ready to share their wisdom, even when nobody couldn't care a less. Tactians are strongly believing that if everyone would have listened to them, there's no way tactician's team could have lost. Funniest part is that sometimes they don't know reasons behind their tactics, they are unable to adapt to changes(everyone has to attack only bs, even if it's well defended) or their tactics are obvious(such as take 3 bases and we win!). Also you notice tactician from rageing in bg chat that everyone is a noob when nobody followed his flawless tactics.
These are my favourites! Afker's can be quiet but some afker's are defending their rights to afk. If you complain about their afking, you'll get to hear how much of a noob are you for the rest of the bg while they just stand in one place doing nothing else with their gorgeous extremly low damage done in statistics. But there's a powerful tool to get rid of afker's, I'll share the secret with you guys, it's called: Report player! Sometimes you might get lucky and have more ppl using it and not only you alone since then it's quite useless...
Total idiot
These poor guys are totally clueless about everything! Even if you tell them what to do. They spam only moonfire/icelance, break cc's, run away from healers, fighting far from bases/allowing enemy take the base, not helping fc when close to fc, bragging with their mount(or items) so much that they can't even dismount to fight or doing random abilities at very stupid time such as polymorph/mindcontrol/cyclone enemy when they are about to die(What´s the point of it? Is it like "LOL, look I can do this? haha I'm so awesome!". Sometimes they are the ones who call everyone else a noob.

Ally side:

Very intelligent conversation

I'm-better-than-u-all tactician
(His name was btw smth like theownz, cant remember)

Well wasn't so ownage at healing only 4th of 5 healer whole 10-man bg had.

Horde side:

In case you didn't get it the first time, spam should help it!

"Watch my imba dps" Sure let's see bragger's imba damage done
As assumed his puny 42k isn't that great if compared to 58k that is first in damage done.
What's to brag about? Why it was so necessary to mention it?

Many thanks to friendly horde rogue called UnĂ­a for sending me horde bg chat's screenshots! :) I really appreciate getting the other side's chats aswell!
In the end, I wanted to add my dear friend leading TB. Everytime
TB starts, she is there leading us to victory! (We WON!) Not all
tacticians/hero's are bad ppl! She is a nice person but just loves to
lead us. All what's said in /raid was said by her :D It was a fast win.

So the conclusion is that both sides are equal. It isn't that if you roll horde, you are in the winner team. Both sides have their own epic players that ruin the bg's! :) Or are you on winner side?

7th Anniversary

Every year blizz has been lately giving us something on their anniversary. Not sure if we got before something too because for some reason I have skipped most of the anniversaries! I either went on vacation to another country or had a break from wow during it.
Anyways I do remember 2 of the earlier ones, which both awarded players with pets. I wasn't playing during 6th but I liked the pet idea as a pet collector. I know the reward wasn't then fair for everyone. But I still assumed we will get a pet this year too.
I was thinking we will get some dragon or something that has to do with Firelands, but no we got Celebration Package, which gives you reputation and experience from kills 7%. First of all I didn't like that it gives only 7%. Since if I really got the whole idea of it, then it means that the Celebration Package works only 1 week. In my opinion 7% isn't anything to celebrate. The pet you had whole year and you still have it and it still works. If we got 5% rep and xp boost for all time, I think this would have been truly a good reward for anniversary. But maybe I just like to complain. The second dislike is the time limit. Why only a week? And third complain: I have seen many ppl used in bg's but I don't it really gives more xp from enemy kills, only creature kills. If I'm correct at that then pvp players didn't get anything beneficial to them.
Good side about it is that it's usable for altholics and repfarmers. And everyone of us farms some rep at some point or levels their char! I myself didn't notice it working in bg's so that was a big dissapointment for me.
Also I liked the way it gave the player tabard with the buff. It was purple-pink tabard with WoW on chest. Lovely!
I still think blizz could have given us a better reward. For example if it wouldn't have limited time to use it. What do you think? Did you expect something else aswell?

Update: As I assumed it lasted only 1 week! :)

25 Nov 2011

Pilgrim's Bounty

Me and some random bald guy having a meal in bg.
I never cared for Pilgrim event before. But this year it's been a lot of fun!
This time I wanted to get fast cooking skill up to few chars. Thanks to Pilgrim event 1-450 was easy and fast to get! And it was cheap aswell. Didn't have to farm it all or buy from AH over-priced mats.
Also for my new DK(not so new but still only honored with SW) it's always nice to get some city rep by turning in foods you just made. As the SW tabard ain't much helping in TBC dungeons. Darn TBC dungeons give their own reps!
If you aren't going to do the dailies to get rid of the food you just made, you could also use them in dungeons and raids as buff food(suprise!!). Actually I vendored all those and later in FL raid, I was wondering how someone made the pilgrim feast. :P Well my brain isn't always functioning thet way it should.

I was the leading turkey^^
As a pet collector I was happy to get my very own turkey to assist me while cooking. Especially since it gets this weird look when seeing cooking fire. First I thought that turkey isn't that interesting pet to get, but overtime I started to like it. I think it's cute it's own way. Shame that it's silent. I would have wanted it to cackle once awhile.
Shooting other players just to turn them into turkey is a lot of fun too. I saw rogue sneaking in bg and I decided to ruin his attack. A little before he attacked one of my fellow ally, I turned him into turkey. He had a bad sense of humor, it seems. Because rest of the bg, he was just chasing me. :<

And my favourite of all time: a bug in bg! Everyone appeared as turkey during the whole bg and nothing is more fun than dead players looking like roasted turkey. Shame I didn't take screenshot of it, but I'll try to do more bgs now incase it occurs again. ^^
It's not that easy to find Misty from this turkey bunch! =)

24 Nov 2011


I love sea gull's company in sw^^
Nothing can be more fun than doing arena earlier, at 70 lvl. Unfortunately not!
Yesterday I dinged my enha shaman 70 and my holy paladin friend asked before if we could try some arena. Not bad idea! With healer I should be fine! Wrong....
Since Blizzard hasn't balanced classes under 85, the arena idea wasn't so great.
Nearly every match we did, our enemy was always frost mage. I'm not saying they are unbeatable. But their Ice Barrier is pretty good! When 13k hp mage's ice barrier absorbs 8k dmg, I think it's far from being fair. Not to forget that mages in 65-69 bg bracket hit with their ice lance 2k while their pet hits 1k. Players in 65-69 have 10k hp, so mages are pretty good in that bracket. And so is prot pala. (yeah I complained a lot about mages, but it was mostly mages with few rogues and hunters. But there wasn't anything mentionable about them. Rogues didn't do much dmg and hunter were well hunters? Nothing mindblowing about them.
But back to arena. As enha shaman hits only 200-700, all matches took ages to win and my healer had to do dmg too. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?^^
As a conclusion: we did 11 matches 7 wins/4 losses. I wonder if this is going to be my 2,2k rating team. Haha dream on, Misty!
Nah I still think it's because it's so unbalanced. Arena at 70 is fun to try out, but I can't imagine playing it for more than few times. I prefer the 85 arena, where it's mostly more about skill and not someone icelanceing you down.
So blizz should really make some balance in low lvl pvp. I know they want us to get high lvls fast but make our lvling fun! :) Or else many will ragequit and they won't even try lvling their alts.