25 Nov 2011

Pilgrim's Bounty

Me and some random bald guy having a meal in bg.
I never cared for Pilgrim event before. But this year it's been a lot of fun!
This time I wanted to get fast cooking skill up to few chars. Thanks to Pilgrim event 1-450 was easy and fast to get! And it was cheap aswell. Didn't have to farm it all or buy from AH over-priced mats.
Also for my new DK(not so new but still only honored with SW) it's always nice to get some city rep by turning in foods you just made. As the SW tabard ain't much helping in TBC dungeons. Darn TBC dungeons give their own reps!
If you aren't going to do the dailies to get rid of the food you just made, you could also use them in dungeons and raids as buff food(suprise!!). Actually I vendored all those and later in FL raid, I was wondering how someone made the pilgrim feast. :P Well my brain isn't always functioning thet way it should.

I was the leading turkey^^
As a pet collector I was happy to get my very own turkey to assist me while cooking. Especially since it gets this weird look when seeing cooking fire. First I thought that turkey isn't that interesting pet to get, but overtime I started to like it. I think it's cute it's own way. Shame that it's silent. I would have wanted it to cackle once awhile.
Shooting other players just to turn them into turkey is a lot of fun too. I saw rogue sneaking in bg and I decided to ruin his attack. A little before he attacked one of my fellow ally, I turned him into turkey. He had a bad sense of humor, it seems. Because rest of the bg, he was just chasing me. :<

And my favourite of all time: a bug in bg! Everyone appeared as turkey during the whole bg and nothing is more fun than dead players looking like roasted turkey. Shame I didn't take screenshot of it, but I'll try to do more bgs now incase it occurs again. ^^
It's not that easy to find Misty from this turkey bunch! =)

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