11 Dec 2011

We are growing slowly!!!

Guilds been growing again and we got major increase.... a total of 1 new member. But hey, like I mentioned before we are a small guild, very small. :) Total of 39 members(minus my and 2 other guild leaders alts)! Unfortunately us 3 leaders are altoholics. I got 10, V got 9 and A got 4. :) We also got our old guildie back, but he ain't active so that's not worth mentioning. He prefers his "fuller" realm. Pfft traitor!
Our realm has way better teamspirit. Everyone knows the active players of the realm despite the side or even if they haven't ever done anything with them. We are like a little village, where everyone knows each other. And I like that. Sure there are players to hate but many to love aswell. And who would have guessed that we had same enemy on alliance side with some horde guild! Now our guilds help each others because our common enemy seems more harmful than the fact that we are allys and they are horde! I honestly I don't mind it.
That's how we got a new member. Someone from their guild wanted to join us too and I respect him in many things. He has been trying his best to keep this realm alive and that is something that means a lot to me too! It's been pleasant but definately a huge suprise!! I'm glad we got Dare to join us! Welcome to our little sweet guild!<3

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