About Misty

I'm 20 yrs old girl, who spends her time in wow doing many different things. I play only on alliance side mainly but I have some horde characters on other realms.

I love doing pvp, thought I don't consider myself being that good at it. ^^ I haven't yet tried doing arena seriously. Just done with random combo for guild xp. But I would love to do arena seriously and see how far I can get!
I don't like pve that much as I consider it being pretty boring or maybe it's because our pugs suck and I don't wanna join another guild just to do raids.
I'm in a small lovely guild(lvl 17), where I have my favorite friends in. I never forced anyone to join it but it has helped to improve our friendship as for some reason levelling a guild together makes our friendship much better. We level up our guild by doing arena and a lot of it! We have guild's own 3v3 and 2v2 team and we wanted to do RBG's but unfortunately we don't have enough member's yet(not all friend's ready to leave their current guild). I'm very happy about my guild. :)
I don't like rp but for some reason I do that sometimes too! I guess I do it when someone else is doing that too?
I collect companions, mounts and pets for my hunter. I got all professions 525, so you can call me crazy... or a bot! Which I often get to hear :) My collection has atm 133 companions and 97 mounts.

My characters are(I'm writing about all these):
 85 resto/feral druid (I wanted to be balance but found feral to be better at the moment for me)
- PVP spec: feral
- Full Ruthless gear.
- Tanking dungeons with it.
- My farmbot. Colleting pets and mounts with her.
 85 holy/shadow priest (I used to be disc but didn't quite like it in cata)
- PVP spec: shadow
- Full Ruthless gear.
 85 resto/ele shaman (I love them both but ele a bit too weak for arena which makes me sad!)
- PVP spec: resto, but for fast matches using ele.
- Full Ruthless gear.
- My PVE character. Full Old-Valor gear.
 85 arms/prot warrior (I used to be fury but didn't quite like it in cata)
- PVP spec: arms
- More than half Ruthless gear.
 85 holy/prot paladin (I just love it!)
- PVP spec: holy
- Half Ruthless gear.
- Half Justice tanking gear.
70 enha/resto shaman (I'm sorry I love shamans ^^)
65 sub/combat rogue (Didn't think I would ever like rogue but it is fun!)
78 arcane/fire mage (I love being fire mage and I have tried frost)
46 survival/marksman hunter (I might change one of these into BM just to try it again with more talents)
 68 unholy/blood DK (Also suprised me! Never thought DK's could be fun to play with too.)

Yeah I'm missing lock, but I hope Blizz will remove the realm char limit so I can make a warlock. :) I'm not into going to other realm! I wanna play with my friends and have fun!