7 Dec 2011

Patch 4.3

There's many things that have changed in the wow, when patch 4.3 began. But I would prefer making own topic for big changes like transmogrification, looking for raid(LFR) & Darkmoon Faire island. Basically changes will be mentioned here but new things having their own topic.

  •  Bag search. It works with bank, guild bank, void storage and bags. I like this as it really helps when you have bags full of different stuff. Unfortunately addon called Altoholic is still having better search, which I rather use. Altholic checks all your characters bags, bank, mails and guild bank. But if you play only with one character or just few then you don't need the addon.
  • Inactive Guild Leader Replacement. Oh boy do I have a lot to complain about this!? I don't like the idea of anyone with a high ranking can apply for it. I think leader should be able to choose Assistant Leader who then will be replace guild leader. Of course you can do it now too, by just giving someone second highest ranking. But many big guilds have more than few second rank members(main raiders, raid leaders, noobhelper etc.). But assistant leader could be someone the leader really trusts. I would as a leader fear the most that my guild would end up to someone who might be active and doing a lot for the guild but not trustworthy. Also I think when guild leader returns he should get his leader rank back. I think you don't have to leaders rank to take care of the guild for awhile. Of course if the leader is away for a long time. But 30 days! Maybe leader has been busy with irl? Maybe some accident occured? That's why I would prefer having assistant leader who could take of the guild till leader comes back. If leader is away for 6 months, then I think guild leader should really be replaced. Otherwise I don't like this at all. I have always been myself in guilds, where we had 1 leader and 1-4 assistant leaders. Even in guilds with 100+ members! I have myself been assistant leader. When real leader decided to suddenly play on other realm without giving anyone the leader rank, I just took over the guild with making events, taking care of recruitment and members etc. That was some good temporary leading as nobody even noticed that we didn't have our leader for 3 months!
  • Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman completing fastened up. Sure every player wants their valor runs to be fast but I don't like the idea of fastening up. I hate when players join dungeon and they start spamming: FAAST!! FAST! I gotta go soon! PULL MORE!! Dude, if you are in such a hurry, then don't queue! I pull when I feel like and I pull as many as I want. I'm the tank and I'm setting the pace here.. Bad pulls result wipes and I don't want any wipes.. Also I don't wanna cause to any healer any extra trouble just because some douche wants a fast run. As a healer I also don't want any tank to pull more than he can handle. Especially most amusing part about those lets-do-it-fast players is that they are usually dps! In my opinion dps should shut up. They chose a role that doesn't make whole group depending on their skills. If healer is crappy, it's a wipe. Tank is shitty, it's a wipe. Bad dps, not a wipe if good tank or healer. And it's always easy to find replacement for dps, but for tank or healer you gotta wait longer time and it's rare to get a good one. I want everyone to do dungeons the way they were made to be. Or else it is just a waste of hardwork to create it all. We could always have only one dungeon with one boss with same abilities to get fast valors. Will the Valor gear lose it's worth then? Yes, but atleast we get it all fast! This constant fastening up has brought us players that want to do everything in less than 15mins...
  • Dungeon Finder won't get you locked! Finally they made this! It's annoying when you get locked in some dungeon when using Finder for random heroic and then later you need to do it again for guild run in that specific dungeon!

There were many more but those were just good or smth that doesn't bother me that much so no use of mentioning those.

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