12 Dec 2011

Mountain O Mounts!

I just recently got the 100 mount achievement. I would have gotten 1 day earlier but it was 3 dailies away and I had done all....
To be honest I didn't think I could get it since my luck with all drops is really really bad. 97 times done Magister Terrace HC runs and still no chicken.. 5 friends of mine got them in less than 20 runs and 2 under 30 runs... So I wonder when I'm going to get mine? And archeology, that's something I hate more than anything! Yesterday reached 515 skill and all the rares I have gotten atm are only good for rp and I don't do rp. As a companion and mount collector I would have wished for even one of those. But no, I get amber, mirror, dress, naaru thingy, drums and wind chime. Yey! That's all I ever wanted.... not!
But I still got to 100 mounts by just buying all vendor, rep, honor and daily quest mounts. I does take a lot of time but luckily for me you can still get it even with bad drop luck! ^^ So everyone who has struggled with bad luck, no worries. You can it other way too!:)

Reward for 100 mounts is Blue Dragonhawk, which is really awesome looking on ally char! Definately worth the trouble. It's one really beautiful mount and it's FLYING! <I don't like that we get new ground mounts since I barely ever use those>

11 Dec 2011

We are growing slowly!!!

Guilds been growing again and we got major increase.... a total of 1 new member. But hey, like I mentioned before we are a small guild, very small. :) Total of 39 members(minus my and 2 other guild leaders alts)! Unfortunately us 3 leaders are altoholics. I got 10, V got 9 and A got 4. :) We also got our old guildie back, but he ain't active so that's not worth mentioning. He prefers his "fuller" realm. Pfft traitor!
Our realm has way better teamspirit. Everyone knows the active players of the realm despite the side or even if they haven't ever done anything with them. We are like a little village, where everyone knows each other. And I like that. Sure there are players to hate but many to love aswell. And who would have guessed that we had same enemy on alliance side with some horde guild! Now our guilds help each others because our common enemy seems more harmful than the fact that we are allys and they are horde! I honestly I don't mind it.
That's how we got a new member. Someone from their guild wanted to join us too and I respect him in many things. He has been trying his best to keep this realm alive and that is something that means a lot to me too! It's been pleasant but definately a huge suprise!! I'm glad we got Dare to join us! Welcome to our little sweet guild!<3

8 Dec 2011

Slowly levelling!

I guess my levelling style is quite weird. Sometimes I only level up one character at the same, sometimes many at the same time. Sometimes I level a lot in a little time, sometimes I level a little bit in a long time. I don't always feel like levelling despite loving all my characters. But I have made now progress. I added some pics of my hunter to cheer this post a bit up, thought it was rainy day in Elwynn Forest. :)

65->68 DK. I have been tanking always few lvls then doing bg's few lvls. So now that I reached 68, I can start doing bg's again. :) DK tanking is still smash-random-buttons. I actually tried using just random abilities when tanking The Escape From Durnholde and my random group thought that I'm the best tank they have ever seen! :D Overally I don't smash random buttons. I try to tank like DK tanks should and at the moment it isn't causing me any trouble. Yet. But then again I was good tank with my pala in low lvls and I still am. Same goes with the bear tanking.
77->78 Mage. Nothing is more fun than buying cata gear and doing bg's with it just to annoy other ppl. It's not that I like that gear for being OP. Annoying other ppl who want to be OP is something I love! They gear up their characters with cata gear just to once beat other players. But if you can't play your character, then is buying OP gear making you any better player? Does it improve your skills? No. And that's why it makes me happy to win OP geared with skills and make him understand that he needs to learn to play first.
That eyepatch seems to be buggy. :(
I love our guild tabard!<3

41->46 Hunter. I changed my markmanship for BM so I can train our fellow guildie. As much I have been now trying to learn to play with it, it doesn't feel like my type of hunter. I prefer survival. BM has many good things but I don't feel like I'm doing that much dmg with it. My pet does all the dmg and I'm just supporting Steven. Since it's mostly spamming Kill Command and Arcane shot(to get Cobra Strikes). But I'll keep on trying to play as BM incase I just been playing wrong with it. Thought I just been following my talents. :P
Great buddies enjoying the view. Thanks Steven for always helping me!

7 Dec 2011

Patch 4.3

There's many things that have changed in the wow, when patch 4.3 began. But I would prefer making own topic for big changes like transmogrification, looking for raid(LFR) & Darkmoon Faire island. Basically changes will be mentioned here but new things having their own topic.

  •  Bag search. It works with bank, guild bank, void storage and bags. I like this as it really helps when you have bags full of different stuff. Unfortunately addon called Altoholic is still having better search, which I rather use. Altholic checks all your characters bags, bank, mails and guild bank. But if you play only with one character or just few then you don't need the addon.
  • Inactive Guild Leader Replacement. Oh boy do I have a lot to complain about this!? I don't like the idea of anyone with a high ranking can apply for it. I think leader should be able to choose Assistant Leader who then will be replace guild leader. Of course you can do it now too, by just giving someone second highest ranking. But many big guilds have more than few second rank members(main raiders, raid leaders, noobhelper etc.). But assistant leader could be someone the leader really trusts. I would as a leader fear the most that my guild would end up to someone who might be active and doing a lot for the guild but not trustworthy. Also I think when guild leader returns he should get his leader rank back. I think you don't have to leaders rank to take care of the guild for awhile. Of course if the leader is away for a long time. But 30 days! Maybe leader has been busy with irl? Maybe some accident occured? That's why I would prefer having assistant leader who could take of the guild till leader comes back. If leader is away for 6 months, then I think guild leader should really be replaced. Otherwise I don't like this at all. I have always been myself in guilds, where we had 1 leader and 1-4 assistant leaders. Even in guilds with 100+ members! I have myself been assistant leader. When real leader decided to suddenly play on other realm without giving anyone the leader rank, I just took over the guild with making events, taking care of recruitment and members etc. That was some good temporary leading as nobody even noticed that we didn't have our leader for 3 months!
  • Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman completing fastened up. Sure every player wants their valor runs to be fast but I don't like the idea of fastening up. I hate when players join dungeon and they start spamming: FAAST!! FAST! I gotta go soon! PULL MORE!! Dude, if you are in such a hurry, then don't queue! I pull when I feel like and I pull as many as I want. I'm the tank and I'm setting the pace here.. Bad pulls result wipes and I don't want any wipes.. Also I don't wanna cause to any healer any extra trouble just because some douche wants a fast run. As a healer I also don't want any tank to pull more than he can handle. Especially most amusing part about those lets-do-it-fast players is that they are usually dps! In my opinion dps should shut up. They chose a role that doesn't make whole group depending on their skills. If healer is crappy, it's a wipe. Tank is shitty, it's a wipe. Bad dps, not a wipe if good tank or healer. And it's always easy to find replacement for dps, but for tank or healer you gotta wait longer time and it's rare to get a good one. I want everyone to do dungeons the way they were made to be. Or else it is just a waste of hardwork to create it all. We could always have only one dungeon with one boss with same abilities to get fast valors. Will the Valor gear lose it's worth then? Yes, but atleast we get it all fast! This constant fastening up has brought us players that want to do everything in less than 15mins...
  • Dungeon Finder won't get you locked! Finally they made this! It's annoying when you get locked in some dungeon when using Finder for random heroic and then later you need to do it again for guild run in that specific dungeon!

There were many more but those were just good or smth that doesn't bother me that much so no use of mentioning those.

6 Dec 2011

Tactician in our guild! + random guild whinings

As I mentioned in one of my texts about my tactician friend, she accepted now my invitation to our guild! :)
Our guild is very happy to have her with us! As we want only members that are nice people, all douchebags will be kicked! We want to keep the friendly, caring and loving enviroment in our guild. That's why we don't have recruitment on. We just invite the ones we enjoyed playing with.
Tactician had been in well-known guilds and of course those guilds have a lot of members and certain reputation linked to them. So it's hard to leave something you are used to. Our guild is not that well-known, thought we got already enemies on alliance side and friends on horde side(quite odd) despite the fact that we are quite new guild(created in Cata). So I never thought she would have joined. We have been playing with her a lot since we met her and she has told us that she enjoys our company and likes us, but our guild name was big turn off for her.
In my opinion, I can carry any stupid guild name with pride aslong as I'm happy with my guild! Why should the name describe us? For all I care, we can name our guild Shitty Bastards, but we don't have to behave like our name says. For example guilds that are called: slayers, killers etc barely ever leave the town and usually get their asses kicked, atleast in our realm. Or how about guild called Friendship? The current leader of it was a good friend with the real leader, who just happened to think that giving the guild's leader rank to his good friend while he is away is good idea. You can trust your friend that much. Can't you? Well seems like no. Leader returned but never got his guild back. That just proves that name can be anything but the members and their attitude towards others in it, in my opinion are far more important. And I must say that I raise my hat to and respect one of our realms big guild's leader, who kicked out his 85 raiders despite them being good raiders, only because their attitude towards other players was rude. That sure required having some balls! No matter if those raiders got angry with him, he knew he made the right choice and that's a leader I would look up to!
Our realm has this huge guild, but does the amount of members always tell how good the guild is? I think not. Sure they got many different players in it, but when guild has few jerks in it they can ruin the guilds enviroment/reputation. Honestly whenever I mention to someone to join that guild when they are looking for 25 lvl guild for mounts/pets, they always reply: hell no!!!! That tells a lot about how the reputation of the guild has been ruined. Maybe the guild would have been a good one if the leader wouldn't care so much about the amount of members. I rather think this way: Quality over quantity.
I have been in many guilds and one of them had really good reputation. When I joined that guild, I wasn't pleased. Guild had their members separated into We-don't-care-who-these-are and leader & mindless-followers. Is that good enviroment to play in? I tried being nice to them and see if things might change, but no. I should have been mindless-follower aswell. No thanks then! So I left it. They never took us We-don't-care-who-these-are to any of their events nor listened to us. That's why we made our own.
I'm glad tactician finally decided to join us! We all are! :) Welcome Shadow!<3

4 Dec 2011

Am I unlucky or what!!!?

Feels like fishing ain't a good profession for me. I'm really unlucky when comes to fishing. And I mean REALLY unlucky...
I have tried getting Giant Sewer Rat in wotlk and cata and no luck...
I mention about it to my guildie who goes off there and tries to get it. Originally he joined just to be there for company. Fishing alone is always boring. Well I decided to give up and logged out and the very moment I logged out he got it. Also my other friend had the pet too from wotlk and he got it with few casts. And he doesn't even collect pets!
Ok well how about then Sea turtle, I bet I should already I have it. I had fishing maxed in wotlk and I did fishing dailies every day and in cata I got our guild the food achi alone by mostly fixing all the mats. And had 525 for awhile already. Well tough luck fellow guildie went with his fishing skill 300 to uldum and within 30mins he got the turtle. And he just started not long time ago fishing... Which means overally he hasn't been fishing as much as I have. I still need the turtle!
Well as we all know, new Darkmoon Faire started yesterday. So of course everyone is there fishing for Sea Pony. Tried to annoy fellow guildie who heals dungeon only to get the exotic satchel(incase mount drops, minium effort for mount is always welcomed for some ppl...) that even fishing gets you more flasks, potions etc than doing dungeons for the bag so of course he went off to try his luck. In little bit he got achi for 25 fishes and then 50 fishes and then the god damn cursed pet that I couldn't get! I was fishing there already long before telling him about that. Aaaaaaaaand now other guildie got it. Yeah the same guy with the turtle luck... I really do start to hate fishing...

It just seems that I should avoid fishing regardless of the rewards. Even if the reward would have 100% chance, I bet I can't still get it... So Darkmoon Faire after half a year, here I come. I'll be still there fishing when Darkmoon Faire becomes empty place, where nobody goes to anymore...

1 Dec 2011

New Darkmoon Faire pets & mounts

As we get in patch 4.3 new Darkmoon Faire, I only thought it will be just new area to explore. But new pets! It drove me nuts! First of all I wanted to get 150 pets achi with just wow gold or farming(no cards, no blizzard store) and now this makes it easier achi to get for everyone. But the new pets sure do look good and interesting.
I can't wait till it's sunday(which is tomorrow) and we get to explore new Darkmoon Faires isle! I'll be adding pictures of them all once I have obtained them. :)
But one thing I hate most is everything is obtainable through dailies! Every patch we get adds us new dailies. And I'm not done yet with Molten Front or Tol Barad Peninsula! I know there's other options of getting Darkmoon tickets such as profession turn-ins and artifacts. But third option is again dailies and I really hate doing dailies. I really wish these dailies are fun and fast. Only dailies I ever liked doing was in Isle of Queldana's.


Sea Pony is obtained by fishing in Darkmoon Faire isle. It's a seahorse in a bubble. Drop chance is 1 out of 1000.

Darkmoon Balloon is purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. It's a lot like horde or alliance balloon. Just having the faction logo on a balloon.

Darkmoon Cub is purchased also with 90 Darkmoon tickets. It reminds me of Barrens lions. It looks the same as the all other cub's just that this one is has same color as lions.

Darkmoon Monkey is purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. This pet is unique looking and reminds me of those monkey's that beg for money. I have seen someone a monkey like that and I even a picture of me with it :D Definately wanting this monkey!

Darkmoon Tonk is purchased also with 90 Darkmoon tickets. Didn't we have tonks to play with in old Darkmoon Faire? Atleast I remember something like that and now we can get our tonks to follow us!

Darkmoon Turtle is again purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. Looks like Speedy to me! :)

Darkmoon Zeppelin is purchased with (you guessed it) 90 Darkmoon tickets. I really loved the throwing zeppelins. Oh those good days in Dalaran throwing zeppelins at mounting friend and the Dalaran streets were filled zeppelins! And the noise they made! It was like wwrrrrrrrwrwrwrrrrrr. Just pure love! This Zeppelin will definately end up in my collection for reminding me the Dalaran days!


Darkmoon Dancing Bear is purchased with 180 Darkmoon tickets. I'm just wondering why it's called dancing bear? Does it dance when idle?

Swift Forest Strider is purchased with 180 Darkmoon tickets. I like the look of this mount! :)

** If you want to know how to get Darkmoon tickets, I found this page --> wowpetaddiction's blog **