26 Nov 2011

Some are just better than anyone else!

Get ready for post full of screenshots(which are btw bigger if you click on them) and text!
I think all of us have noticed that when you join the bg in the chat you can usually see ppl saying things like: alliance always sucks (alliance side), horde never wins (horde side) etc. But is the grass really greener on the other side?
I thought I'll share my today's bg's chats and overall experience from alliance side and thankfully I found generous undead to tell me about the horde side. Today's screenshots aren't rare at all. It's just something you come across everyday if you do bg's.
Usually bg's consists of 1 mr.Obvious, 1 whiner, 1 I'm-better-than-you-all, 1 tactician(it can also be one of those earlier mentioned), few afker and 1 total idiot. Someone of those is always a jerk and then the rest is bunch of nobodies, which are the most pleasant to play with. Unfortunately if we have all these heroes in one group, the winning chance just drops to really low because they are too much paying attention on keeping their role than playing the bg well enough to win.
Mr.Obvious always obvious things such as:
We got 1 base(50/1600) and enemy got 4 base(1000/1600). Mr.Obvious says: We're gonna lose!!
In AV Mr.Obvious says: Get towers or the enemy will win!
is the one who says in the beginning that we are going to lose even before the gates have opened. He has no trust in his team. Even if you had in AB 4 bases over half of the time and the score says that we sure are going to win, whiner is complaining in bg chat that our team just sucks and there's no way we can win anything ever.
Some of them actually call their chars with names like: IOwnz, MeKills, ThePwner, Loludead etc. Usually those names just tell me one thing: they're the exact opposite! It seems to me that those are the ones who just smash buttons and when they die, they blame everyone else. Also they enjoy telling in bg chat how everyone else fails at the bg, that's why they enjoy the tactian the role too. Since obviously they know so well what to do.
I saw this one holy paladin yesterday who I especially want to mention when talking about this type of players. I took the flag in Twin Peaks with my warrior(139k hp unbuffed, 3,5k resi), but then this Epic Superhero Paladin came with his epical 125k hp buffed and full pve gear and told me this: F*king retard warrior drop the flag, you noob! For the sh*t and giggles, I thought I'll let him have it, just to see how far he can get with it. Well it took only few secs till he died and of course I couldn't just be quiet about it so I said to him in bg chat: You sure did great job with the flag. And as assumed it really pissed him off. So for the rest of the bg he kept saying in bg chat how easily he could own us all and that we all are noobs! :)
Tactians are always ready to share their wisdom, even when nobody couldn't care a less. Tactians are strongly believing that if everyone would have listened to them, there's no way tactician's team could have lost. Funniest part is that sometimes they don't know reasons behind their tactics, they are unable to adapt to changes(everyone has to attack only bs, even if it's well defended) or their tactics are obvious(such as take 3 bases and we win!). Also you notice tactician from rageing in bg chat that everyone is a noob when nobody followed his flawless tactics.
These are my favourites! Afker's can be quiet but some afker's are defending their rights to afk. If you complain about their afking, you'll get to hear how much of a noob are you for the rest of the bg while they just stand in one place doing nothing else with their gorgeous extremly low damage done in statistics. But there's a powerful tool to get rid of afker's, I'll share the secret with you guys, it's called: Report player! Sometimes you might get lucky and have more ppl using it and not only you alone since then it's quite useless...
Total idiot
These poor guys are totally clueless about everything! Even if you tell them what to do. They spam only moonfire/icelance, break cc's, run away from healers, fighting far from bases/allowing enemy take the base, not helping fc when close to fc, bragging with their mount(or items) so much that they can't even dismount to fight or doing random abilities at very stupid time such as polymorph/mindcontrol/cyclone enemy when they are about to die(What´s the point of it? Is it like "LOL, look I can do this? haha I'm so awesome!". Sometimes they are the ones who call everyone else a noob.

Ally side:

Very intelligent conversation

I'm-better-than-u-all tactician
(His name was btw smth like theownz, cant remember)

Well wasn't so ownage at healing only 4th of 5 healer whole 10-man bg had.

Horde side:

In case you didn't get it the first time, spam should help it!

"Watch my imba dps" Sure let's see bragger's imba damage done
As assumed his puny 42k isn't that great if compared to 58k that is first in damage done.
What's to brag about? Why it was so necessary to mention it?

Many thanks to friendly horde rogue called Unía for sending me horde bg chat's screenshots! :) I really appreciate getting the other side's chats aswell!
In the end, I wanted to add my dear friend leading TB. Everytime
TB starts, she is there leading us to victory! (We WON!) Not all
tacticians/hero's are bad ppl! She is a nice person but just loves to
lead us. All what's said in /raid was said by her :D It was a fast win.

So the conclusion is that both sides are equal. It isn't that if you roll horde, you are in the winner team. Both sides have their own epic players that ruin the bg's! :) Or are you on winner side?


  1. Hey!

    Nice post! I agree with you that without these guys who have their special roles bg's wouldn't be so troublesome. Anyways what do you think about tactician in TB? Did you win because of her or do you think you could have won without her awesome tactics? I gladly help anytime when I can!

    Unía - Sporeggar

  2. @Unía
    Thanks! Yeah they do ruin the fun everyone else there :)
    Well our tactician isn't one of the finest ones, but she is trying her best. It usually goes this way: nobody listens, she thinks everyone listens = she is happy. No we won cause there were more ally's than horde's. But she isn't a rude. She won't call anyone a noob or anything if they don't listen.
    Thanks again for the help. I really needed the horde's view for this one. :)