8 Dec 2011

Slowly levelling!

I guess my levelling style is quite weird. Sometimes I only level up one character at the same, sometimes many at the same time. Sometimes I level a lot in a little time, sometimes I level a little bit in a long time. I don't always feel like levelling despite loving all my characters. But I have made now progress. I added some pics of my hunter to cheer this post a bit up, thought it was rainy day in Elwynn Forest. :)

65->68 DK. I have been tanking always few lvls then doing bg's few lvls. So now that I reached 68, I can start doing bg's again. :) DK tanking is still smash-random-buttons. I actually tried using just random abilities when tanking The Escape From Durnholde and my random group thought that I'm the best tank they have ever seen! :D Overally I don't smash random buttons. I try to tank like DK tanks should and at the moment it isn't causing me any trouble. Yet. But then again I was good tank with my pala in low lvls and I still am. Same goes with the bear tanking.
77->78 Mage. Nothing is more fun than buying cata gear and doing bg's with it just to annoy other ppl. It's not that I like that gear for being OP. Annoying other ppl who want to be OP is something I love! They gear up their characters with cata gear just to once beat other players. But if you can't play your character, then is buying OP gear making you any better player? Does it improve your skills? No. And that's why it makes me happy to win OP geared with skills and make him understand that he needs to learn to play first.
That eyepatch seems to be buggy. :(
I love our guild tabard!<3

41->46 Hunter. I changed my markmanship for BM so I can train our fellow guildie. As much I have been now trying to learn to play with it, it doesn't feel like my type of hunter. I prefer survival. BM has many good things but I don't feel like I'm doing that much dmg with it. My pet does all the dmg and I'm just supporting Steven. Since it's mostly spamming Kill Command and Arcane shot(to get Cobra Strikes). But I'll keep on trying to play as BM incase I just been playing wrong with it. Thought I just been following my talents. :P
Great buddies enjoying the view. Thanks Steven for always helping me!

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