12 Dec 2011

Mountain O Mounts!

I just recently got the 100 mount achievement. I would have gotten 1 day earlier but it was 3 dailies away and I had done all....
To be honest I didn't think I could get it since my luck with all drops is really really bad. 97 times done Magister Terrace HC runs and still no chicken.. 5 friends of mine got them in less than 20 runs and 2 under 30 runs... So I wonder when I'm going to get mine? And archeology, that's something I hate more than anything! Yesterday reached 515 skill and all the rares I have gotten atm are only good for rp and I don't do rp. As a companion and mount collector I would have wished for even one of those. But no, I get amber, mirror, dress, naaru thingy, drums and wind chime. Yey! That's all I ever wanted.... not!
But I still got to 100 mounts by just buying all vendor, rep, honor and daily quest mounts. I does take a lot of time but luckily for me you can still get it even with bad drop luck! ^^ So everyone who has struggled with bad luck, no worries. You can it other way too!:)

Reward for 100 mounts is Blue Dragonhawk, which is really awesome looking on ally char! Definately worth the trouble. It's one really beautiful mount and it's FLYING! <I don't like that we get new ground mounts since I barely ever use those>

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  1. Congrats! :D I'm working on this myself as I'm also a mount + companion collector :) I don't remember exactly how many mounts I have but I am close! That dragonhawk mount is really pretty, I enjoy the blue one much more than other color variants. Don't worry, you're not the only one with bad luck. I also have terrible luck with drops. I have run MT probably almost 100 times and no chicken and no phoenix hatchling even. x__x