1 Dec 2011

New Darkmoon Faire pets & mounts

As we get in patch 4.3 new Darkmoon Faire, I only thought it will be just new area to explore. But new pets! It drove me nuts! First of all I wanted to get 150 pets achi with just wow gold or farming(no cards, no blizzard store) and now this makes it easier achi to get for everyone. But the new pets sure do look good and interesting.
I can't wait till it's sunday(which is tomorrow) and we get to explore new Darkmoon Faires isle! I'll be adding pictures of them all once I have obtained them. :)
But one thing I hate most is everything is obtainable through dailies! Every patch we get adds us new dailies. And I'm not done yet with Molten Front or Tol Barad Peninsula! I know there's other options of getting Darkmoon tickets such as profession turn-ins and artifacts. But third option is again dailies and I really hate doing dailies. I really wish these dailies are fun and fast. Only dailies I ever liked doing was in Isle of Queldana's.


Sea Pony is obtained by fishing in Darkmoon Faire isle. It's a seahorse in a bubble. Drop chance is 1 out of 1000.

Darkmoon Balloon is purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. It's a lot like horde or alliance balloon. Just having the faction logo on a balloon.

Darkmoon Cub is purchased also with 90 Darkmoon tickets. It reminds me of Barrens lions. It looks the same as the all other cub's just that this one is has same color as lions.

Darkmoon Monkey is purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. This pet is unique looking and reminds me of those monkey's that beg for money. I have seen someone a monkey like that and I even a picture of me with it :D Definately wanting this monkey!

Darkmoon Tonk is purchased also with 90 Darkmoon tickets. Didn't we have tonks to play with in old Darkmoon Faire? Atleast I remember something like that and now we can get our tonks to follow us!

Darkmoon Turtle is again purchased with 90 Darkmoon tickets. Looks like Speedy to me! :)

Darkmoon Zeppelin is purchased with (you guessed it) 90 Darkmoon tickets. I really loved the throwing zeppelins. Oh those good days in Dalaran throwing zeppelins at mounting friend and the Dalaran streets were filled zeppelins! And the noise they made! It was like wwrrrrrrrwrwrwrrrrrr. Just pure love! This Zeppelin will definately end up in my collection for reminding me the Dalaran days!


Darkmoon Dancing Bear is purchased with 180 Darkmoon tickets. I'm just wondering why it's called dancing bear? Does it dance when idle?

Swift Forest Strider is purchased with 180 Darkmoon tickets. I like the look of this mount! :)

** If you want to know how to get Darkmoon tickets, I found this page --> wowpetaddiction's blog **

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