26 Nov 2011

7th Anniversary

Every year blizz has been lately giving us something on their anniversary. Not sure if we got before something too because for some reason I have skipped most of the anniversaries! I either went on vacation to another country or had a break from wow during it.
Anyways I do remember 2 of the earlier ones, which both awarded players with pets. I wasn't playing during 6th but I liked the pet idea as a pet collector. I know the reward wasn't then fair for everyone. But I still assumed we will get a pet this year too.
I was thinking we will get some dragon or something that has to do with Firelands, but no we got Celebration Package, which gives you reputation and experience from kills 7%. First of all I didn't like that it gives only 7%. Since if I really got the whole idea of it, then it means that the Celebration Package works only 1 week. In my opinion 7% isn't anything to celebrate. The pet you had whole year and you still have it and it still works. If we got 5% rep and xp boost for all time, I think this would have been truly a good reward for anniversary. But maybe I just like to complain. The second dislike is the time limit. Why only a week? And third complain: I have seen many ppl used in bg's but I don't it really gives more xp from enemy kills, only creature kills. If I'm correct at that then pvp players didn't get anything beneficial to them.
Good side about it is that it's usable for altholics and repfarmers. And everyone of us farms some rep at some point or levels their char! I myself didn't notice it working in bg's so that was a big dissapointment for me.
Also I liked the way it gave the player tabard with the buff. It was purple-pink tabard with WoW on chest. Lovely!
I still think blizz could have given us a better reward. For example if it wouldn't have limited time to use it. What do you think? Did you expect something else aswell?

Update: As I assumed it lasted only 1 week! :)

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